Monday, December 22, 2008

Congratualtions ghurl_18 for winning the "Tough Chick " Competition!!!!

ghur_18 has won the competition by a big lead of 93 votes. That's 46% of 199 total votes. She was leading the competition since day 1 and had won the contest by nothing short of a landslide! Ghurl_18 you're one tough cookie! You Rock!

You have won 800 zcard worth of gifts! Please leave your shopping list below. Thanks for participating in this competition.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Winner of Catwalk Stars

Mega_stars started with a distinct lead and maintained it through out the contest garnering a total vote of 95 points. Battling neck to neck with Xharmein who came in second with 79 votes. Miecky showed a sudden spike in number of votes at the last day of the competition, bagging 72 votes.

You guys have decided, Mega_star is our Catwalk Star at the Red Carpet! Congratulations!

Mega_star please submit your shopping list and leave it here at the comment box. Please do take a picture of your latest gift from me and send it to me as soon as you received it. Thank you :-) Enjoy your prize.